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Concussions are one of the most common and difficult to manage injuries seen on today’s playing fields. Reports of concussions and some of the serious outcomes that follow have been making headlines across the country. According to the centers of disease control and prevention, between 1.6 million and 3.8 million brain injuries occur in sports each year and 63,000 occur in high school level. With recent advances in neuroscience and computerized testing, sports medicine clinicians are discovering new and better methods to protect your brain health.

Sports concussion experts have agreed that the diagnosis of acute concussion usually involves the evaluation of symptoms, physical signs, behavior, balance, sleep, and cognition or the thinking processes. Trinity Sports Medicine, Dr. Michael Scarpone utilizes the nationally known ImPact testing system, the Biodex Balance System, and the Play it S.A.F.E Concussion format to detect when an athlete or other head injury patient is suffering from a concussion. These tools, along with physician evaluation, can most safely determine when the concussion has resolve, thereby allowing the patient to safely return to play, work, or other activity.

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Concussion Testing

The best way to manage concussions is to conduct a baseline test prior to the sports season starting. Then if there is a head injury, repeat the test for comparison. By having a comparison between the athletes pre-injury status and post injury status allows the clinician to make a better decision on the follow-up care of concussion.

At Trinity Sports Medicine, we use the very best tools to help us decide when the athlete has recovered, so they can safely return to sports as quickly as possible. Our clinic is one of only a few in the Tri-State area offering this testing.

With Trinity Sports Medicine, you can have Impact baseline testing at Three Different Sites. We have partnered with two local high schools – Indian Creek and Edison to allow student athletes a better opportunity to have the testing completed. Individuals who are not athletes can also have baseline testing completed at the Sports Medicine Clinic at Luray Drive, Wintersville, OH. The price for athletes is $10.00 and the price for Adults over 18 is $20.00.

If you do not have a Baseline test before injury occurs, you can still benefit by making an appointment for post-injury testing and seeing the physician for evaluation and care. ImPact has been collecting data for many years and has developed normative data for all age groups 11 years of age and up.  In this case you post injury results can still be compared to the norm for your age group. By looking at this comparison, the physician can still get a clearer idea of how your brain is recovering.

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