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New Research - Stem CellsDr. Scarpone has been using new advanced techniques to treat various orthopedic conditions. He has been using Platelet Rich Plasma injections for over ten years, BMAC or bone marrow stem cell injections for over six years and has done a great deal of research and techniques using stem cells from fat for the past four years.

Platelets are small cells that are critical to healing. They are the body’s tissue growth factors. When concentrated and re-injected into the injured area these growth factors control and regulate the natural healing process. PRP also attracts other stem cells in the body to heighten the bodies healing response.

Stem cells from either bone marrow or fat contains multi-potent cells which have the ability to differentiate and become whatever tissue type they are place into. These cells are usually added to the PRP solution. For example, if these cells are implanted into cartilage the cells should grow and develop into cartilage tissue.

Currently Dr. Scarpone has two studies that are in progress and structured to show the benefits of using PRP, Fat, and BMAC in treatment of knee OA.

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